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The History is Exciting  !!

In the Malaysian waters, there has been lots of trade and transportation of valuable goods.  However, not all ships reached their final destinations. In recent years there have been some diving expeditions where so far undiscovered ships have been found.  Underwater archaeology in Malaysia is a rather new source for information leading to better understanding of our past. The most common method is to excavate shipwrecks. These virtual time capsules remained undisturbed on our seabed for many centuries, often fully loaded with trade goods available at the respective time of the ship's demise.

Artifacts in Singapore!!

We have a fine selection of shipwreck artifacts ranging from small jarlets and spoons to bigger bowls. They are exquisite time pieces that can tell an amazing story. Having been untouched for hundreds and hundreds of years, we can now offer some of them to you with certificates of authenticity by internationally recognized explorers. More >>>